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Come Sunday (2018)
Grade 6
duration: 11'

Click for rental inquiry : PDF score $50 (purchase below) Performance rental fee (PDF parts) $450 Additional performances $150*

*flat fee available depending on number of performances within a calendar year.

Total Praise Barbara Hayes.jpg

Come Sunday is a two-movement tribute to the Hammond organ’s central role in black worship services. The first movement, Testimony, follows the Hammond organ as it readies the congregation’s hearts, minds, and spirits to receive The Word via a magical union of Bach, blues, jazz, and R&B. The second movement, Shout!, is a virtuosic celebration - the frenzied and joyous climactic moments when The Spirit has taken over the service.  

The title is a direct nod to Duke Ellington, who held an inspired love for classical music and allowed it to influence his own work in a multitude of ways. To all the black musicians in wind ensemble who were given opportunity after opportunity to celebrate everyone else’s music but our own - I see you and I am you. This one’s for the culture!  

Barbara Hayes "Total Praise"

Come Sunday I. Testimony - Illinois State University Wind Symphony
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Come Sunday II. Shout! - Illinois State University Wind Symphony
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