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I Am (2006)

Grade 5

duration: 9'

solos: tenor 1, piano (written out)

doubles: N/A

As the title implies, "I Am" is a self-affirmation and a testament to all the aspects of our lives - highs and lows - that contribute to who we are. It's a joyful and grooving adventure, at times melancholic and at times intense. Ultimately, the feeling at the end of the piece as the trombones settle in on the octave A-flats under the ostinato that has appeared time and again throughout the piece is one of arrival and catharsis.


"I Am" is dedicated to the James Madison University Jazz Ensemble and to its director, Dr. Charles "Chuck" Dotas. 




Click to buy : Score and Parts - $70 (published by Sierra Music)

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I Am - Omar Thomas Large Ensemble
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