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Sail to the Moon (2011)

Grade 4

duration: 13'30"

solos: trombone 1, piano

doubles: 1. flute, 2. flute, 3. clarinet, 4. clarinet, 5. bass clarinet

Like many people around the world, I, too, am a fan of Radiohead. Their catalogue includes a number of huge, instantly-recognizable classics. One of my favorite songs of theirs that I always felt was a bit overlooked was the eerie "Sail to the Moon", recorded on their 'Hail to the Thief' album. I also felt the song was way too short, so with this arrangement I spend some time further exploring the landscape which they've created on the original track. This arrangement serves as a vehicle for the lead trombone, featuring both written-out solo melodies and ample space for improvisation. 

"Sail to the Moon" is an official entry in the "Radiohead Jazz Project", spearheaded by Fred Sturm and the Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble, and published by Bob Curnow at Sierra Music Publications.

Click to buy : $65 (published by Sierra Music)

Click to view score

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