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And When It Rains (2008)

Grade 4

duration: 14'30"

solos: tenor 2 (feature)

doubles: N/A

Styled in a classic R&B setting, "And When It Rains" is a tribute of sorts to the music of Donny Hathaway and Anita Baker, among other giants of the genre. It is a vehicle for the second tenor, who is featured throughout the piece. After a stirring and rapturous climax, there is a full band aleatoric section that recreates a passing rain storm via finger snaps, lap pats, and a shimmering ostinato interwoven in the guitar and piano. The final chord of the piece provides the first glimmer of sunlight peering through the clouds.

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PDF Score: $20

PDF Score + Parts: $70

And When It Rains - Omar Thomas Large Ensemble
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