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Caribana Afterparty (2023)

Grade 3
duration: 3'25"

Full PDF Set $140 (purchase below)

Baby me, age 3, with two Carnival dancers (Brooklyn, NYC, 1987)

Caribana AfterpartyMIDI Mockup
00:00 / 03:24

Supplemental Material: Recommended Listening and Videos

A further exploration and study of the dance styles at heart of my larger work “Caribana,” Caribana Afterparty (the second “a” in the word Caribana is bright, as in the words “ant” and “after”) brings soca and calypso music within reach of younger musicians, as well as musicians just beginning their exploration of Caribbean dance music. Caribana is the former name of the largest Caribbean carnival celebration outside of the Caribbean itself, which takes place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Titling this piece an “afterparty” gave me space to incorporate themes from the original work while developing new and different grooves from the region, reimagining them in a more accessible context.

The main melodic material of Caribana Afterparty is taken directly from its older sibling “Caribana,” and is presented in this work, in part, as a lush opening statement, before quickly giving way to the full theme over an easy calypso groove. As the piece progresses, we are carried from the easier, more calming stylings of calypso music to the more jumping rhythms of soca music. Complete with a “riddim section” breakdown section that calls for all winds to use either their body or their music stands to add to the celebratory groove, this work promises to be a blast to listen to and play, while providing pedagogical richness and stylistic diversity to your program!


Scale/Rhythm Exercises

"Connection Points" to help guide your listening

"Further Exploration" to help develop cultural  understanding of the music

​"Suggested Practices" to help teach and internalize the music

Full PDF Set (Score + Parts): $140

Additional PDF Score: $25

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