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Emma Catherine (2004)

Grade 4

duration: 4'


tuba/euphonium quartet: euph, euph, tuba, tuba (interchangeable with any low brass instruments containing the appropriate range)

men's choir: TTBB

"Emma Catherine" was composed as a gift to my trombone professor at James Madison University, Dr. Andrew Lankford, and for his wife, Dr. Heather Lankford, as they were expecting the birth of their first child, Emma Catherine Lankford. When spoken naturally, the syllables "Emma Catherine" fall into a rhythmic pattern of two shorter notes followed by two longer notes. This became the primary rhythmic motive of the piece. At the premiere of the piece in the spring of 2004, Emma had just been born, and was able to hear the lullaby written in her honor.

This piece was originally written for trombone sextet and afterwards converted to a tuba quartet instrumentation via a commission by the University of Georgia Graduate Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble. Years later, I had the idea of creating a men's choir version and employing the lyrical talents of my friend, John Coons.


Both versions are available for purchase.

Emma Catherine - University of Georgia Graduate Tuba Ensemble
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Tuba-Euphonium Quartet Version

Click to view score

PDF Score: $5

PDF Score + Parts: $30

Men's Choir Version

PDF Score: $3

**Ensembles must purchase a score for each member of the choir.

It is illegal to photocopy this score beyond the number purchased**

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