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Montague Crest (2016)

Grade 4

duration: 8'

solos: trumpet 2, piano

doubles: 1. sop sax, 2. flute, 3. clar, 4. clar, 5. bass clar (throughout)

"Montague Crest" is a musical statement on the aristocratic family that is the Montagues. It imagines sunrise over their sprawling villa, followed by stately, classical fanfares and harmonies as the family tends to their daily tasks. The piece transitions from a case study of the Montague family to a look at Romeo himself; he is not referenced directly until more than halfway through the piece. Though there are small moments at the very end of the piece that foreshadow the tragedy to come, the music itself carries an air of nobility, charm, and optimism (almost foolishly so) - all traits that can be directly applied to Romeo himself.

"Montague Crest" was commissioned by Dana Landry and the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Lab Band I. It is the second movement of the "Romeo and Juliet Project" Suite. It is recorded on the "Romeo and Juliet Project" CD.






click to buy : PDF Score + Parts -  $55 (published by UNC Jazz Press)

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PDF Score: $20

Montague Crest - University of Northern Colorado Jazz Lab Band I
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